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Our Story


How do you start a business when the whole world just hit pause...?

You do the best you can.

Sometimes you get lucky in life, and start a project at just the right time. Everything aligns, the moment is perfect, and you are catapulted with effortless ease into a future that seems destined for you to excel in.

This is not our story.... 

We started Quiet Contender in January of 2020 and planned on releasing new music in March of 2020. Turns out that just so happened to coincide with the beginning of a global pandemic.

So we decided to pause all releases until we could schedule tours to support the releases we had planned.

We spent the next few years plotting and planning, and swabbing, and masking, and vaxing, and consuming lots of video content, and thinking about the future of the label, would there even be one? Dunh! Dunh! Dunh!

Our mission from the beginning at Quiet Contender has been to support and amplify the work of musicians and artists who have too often gone overlooked and under supported and to share stories that carve out an undeniable truth that is equal parts soft and powerful, personal and resonant. Songs that we love.  

We hope that is always reflected in the music we put out. We want you to be obsessed with all of it, cherish it, blow hot air on it and try to rub out the scratches so it stops skipping on your favorite part. Put it on repeat, shuffle it, flip it and...maybe not reverse it, and to be continuously surprised when your return to songs to find something new you never noticed before. 

Most importantly we want to make music that matters to us and the people we love.  


Quiet Contender

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