Our Story – Quiet Contender

Our Story


How do you start a business when the whole world just hit pause...?

You do the best you can.

We started Quiet Contender 6 months ago and planned on releasing new music this week. Due to the current global crisis, we decided to pause all releases until we could schedule tours to appropriately support releases we have on the books. We will do pre-orders on the 7" and may update this if we can figure out a way to release music in a way that makes sense.

However, our website is ready, we can sell merchandise online, and if the post office stays open, we can still operate in a safe and responsible manner.

Our mission from the beginning at Quiet Contender has been to support and amplify the work of musicians and artists who have too often gone overlooked and under supported.

No one is immune from the ramifications of this crisis. Businesses have been forced to close, people are losing their jobs, and many people are just freaking the f*ck out (*raises hand).

While we can’t operate in the way we had planned, we knew that we wanted to help in a way that made sense to us. So we have decided to form a partnership with The White Water Tavern, ran by our dear friends, and one of the first businesses in Little Rock that voluntarily shut down to help reduce the spread of this virus. Honestly, they are probably one of the last businesses that will likely be able to reopen, as its mission is to physically bring people together.

The White Water Tavern currently has no income flowing in until they are able to reopen. Quiet Contender will be working closely with WWT to help them print t-shirts, hats, additional merchandise, and to develop a membership program to help them get by until they are able to reopen. We will also have a donations area at check out, similar to a virtual tip jar, where you can donate to support WWT employees and Quiet Contender artists. 

We will be giving 100% of the proceeds from these sales and donations to White Water Tavern employees and Quiet Contender artists to help them out financially through these difficult times.  

We want to do more. If you are a local musician in Arkansas and you need a place to sell your merchandise online, drop us a line: info@quietcontender.com. We want to help you get your music or merchandise into people’s hands throughout the duration of this crisis for absolutely no commission.

We want to thank the good folks at Electric Ghost for helping us with our printing needs. They have been a great partner during this process, and we could not do it without them. Please support them if you can. 

If you have made it this far…thank you for your time and attention. We appreciate your support and look forward to bringing you some new music that we have been excited about for a while now. 

For now, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home (if you can).

All the love,

Quiet Contender